Fortune Teller


Flower Serpentine

  • 80.5cm (h)
  • 47.5cm (w)
  • 33cm (d)


Zimbabwean artist Edward Chiwawa portrait photo

Edward Chiwawa


This is a n’anga, a person who speaks with the spirits. A person who has a problem or wants to make plans for the future may consult the n’anga. The n’anga consults with the spirits (usually the ancestors) and comes back with an answer.

He is holding a fly whisk, which he uses for divinations. The fly whisk is made from horse tail hair, and is used in healing ceremonies. If a person is possessed by bad spirits, the n’anga dips the fly whisk into a concoction and flicks the liquid onto them to drive the spirits away.

This wonderful red, green and yellow stone is a rediscovered variety of serpentine stone from near Guruve in northern Zimbabwe. It is suitable for outdoor display, even in temperate climates. All the colouration in the stone is entirely natural.

This sculpture is in Zimbabwe and will be shipped from there.

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