You’re Tickling Me


Red Jasper

  • 64cm (h)
  • 25cm (w)
  • 13cm (d)


Tago Tazvitya


“I was thinking of how true love is unreserved and forgiving. Also, we become like children; we are playful and enjoy togetherness.”

Tago explores the different aspects of human nature, using his trademark storks as symbols. In this lovely sculpture, Tago also takes advantage of the structure and colour of the stone itself.

Red jasper is a semi-precious gemstone that is finding increasing favour among Zimbabwean sculptors. All colour and texture within the stone is entirely natural. Since red jasper is so extremely hard, it needs electric tools to be worked, as it can’t be done by hand. This makes it difficult and expensive to sculpt, but the end result is absolutely extraordinary.

Imperial measurements are: 25 1/5″ (h) x 9 7/8″ (w) x 5 1/8″ (d) and 75lbs.

Overseas shipping is from Zimbabwe via airfreight;
P&P at buyer’s expense.

Unsurprisingly, freight from Zimbabwe can be expensive. Therefore, as a rough guideline, we would advise you budget around $1,000 for the shipping costs.