Protective Mother



  • 1.92m (h)
  • 1.10m (w)
  • 51cm (d)


Zimbabwean artist Edward Chiwawa portrait photo

Edward Chiwawa


P. O. A.

This is a substantial and imposing sculpture by one of Zimbabwe’s last living members of the so-called ‘first generation’ of Zimbabwean sculptors. Edward Chiwawa is a venerable old man from the Kore Kore tribe in northern Zimbabwe. His sculptures are often inspired by Zimbabwean nature from his childhood in the bush, and by traditional Kore Kore culture.

Edward took inspiration from the strength of the protective bond a mother has for her children. Edward’s wife Shirley had passed away a couple of years before, and he missed her greatly. They had thirteen children together.

Serpentine stone is a favoured medium for Zimbabwe’s top artists. This hard variety from near Guruve in northern Zimbabwe has a dense uniform structure, with very few flaws, and is impermeable and naturally frost-resistant. It is suitable for outdoor display, even in temperate climates.

N.B. Other large sculptures by Chiwawa and other important names (such as Mukomberanwa, Munyaradzi, Matemera and Takawira) in the Shona sculpture movement are available – please email us if there is something specific you’re looking for.

For this very large sculpture, overseas shipping from Zimbabwe is as cargo by sea freight only. If you’d like a shipping quote, please contact us giving your nearest port. From there, you will need a clearing agent to do customs clearance and arrange onward haulage to your delivery address. This isn’t as complicated as it might sound, and using an agent is definitely better than trying to do it yourself.

Please note the weight is approximate.