Shona artist Antony Masamba portrait photo

Antony Masamba

Antony Masamba was born in 1973 in Chitungwiza, a large satellite town of Harare, Zimbabwe. Sadly, in 1991, he had to leave  school as he did not have the money to pay his O-Level fees. However, all was not lost Рthe following year he found his calling. Antony became an apprentice to a well-known Zimbawean artist, the late Albert Mamvura, helping to sand and polish his sculptures.

After five years working with Mamvura, Antony had the confidence and experience to begin sculpting by and for himself. He is now an extremely talented and promising young artist. At the same time, he is a part of an dynamic and competitive new generation of sculptors. Although greatly impressed by the work of older generation of Zimbabwean sculptors, he has fought hard to establish his own style and reputation, and this has paved the way for his success.

Antony Masamba is one of the most abstract sculptors that the Shona Sculpture Gallery promotes. His work is outstanding, not just in his creativity and technical ability, but also in his attention to detail. All his pieces are perfectly finished and beautifully polished so that they are wonderful to touch as well as to view.

There are more super sculptures by Antony Masamba available through our other company, Guruve, a web gallery based in the UK.
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