Zimbabwean sculptor Remembrance Chikuruwo portrait photo

Remembrance Chikuruwo

Remembrance Chikuruwo was born in 1989 in Chivhu in central Zimbabwe. He is one of six siblings, the only boy amongst five sisters!

Remembrance’s father Simoriro Chikuruwo encouraged his son to try stone sculpture. Simoriro has been a sculptor for many years, and owns a serpentine mine in his kumusha (rural home area); he is also a traditional healer and an important figure in the local community.

His childhood in the sango (bush), and his father’s deep connection to Shona beliefs and traditions, means Remembrance is deeply connected to nature and Shona spirituality.

“The stories in my art relates to the spiritual – animals, birds, water and others. When I was growing up, I was also a hunter; whenever I wanted to renew my creativity I would just wander in the mountains and along the river banks.”

Remembrance’s work effortlessly combines the uncluttered feel of the best of Zimbabwe’s contemporary abstract sculpture with the inspiration that comes from a traditional rural upbringing.

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